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Packing and Crating:

packing and crafting

Quality of packing provided at origin is the key to a successful move & this is where our packers excel. We use finest packing materials & our workmanship is of highest quality. Fragile possessions like crystal & art are individually wrapped & packed into cartons or customized crates & cases for maximum protection. We carefully pack your goods to ensure they arrive safely and in the same condition as when we received them.

– Carton boxes for all garments items.
– Jute & plastic (carton box with plastic inside and jute-wrapping outside).
– Wooden boxes for all the handicraft and fragile items.
– Air bubble sheets, cutting paper and foam for all the handicrafts and fragile items.
– Stretch wrap film for air shipments as required

How To Pack

  • Always use new boxes that are firm and are not damaged or wet and which do not tear easily. Used or damaged boxes don’t have much strength and it can get damaged easily.
  • The box should be large enough for the content otherwise the items which will stick out can get damaged and sharp objects should be packed carefully to avoid injure or damage.
  • Protect fragile items with extra protection. Ship fragile products individually, wrapping them in soften material such as bubble wrap. Use bubble wrap to cover the items as much as possible, this avoids the content is touching the box. Heavy items should even have more protection and support.
  • Use high-quality adhesive parcel tape or shrink wrap to seal your shipment across all openings and strap tightly.
  • Make sure the box can hold the weight of the content.
  • Delivery address should be mentioned on the top of the box and should not cover it with tape or wraps